Is Free... Free?

Brubeck Design Studio will provide you with the best possible landscape design at the best overall price. How is this possible when a garden center or landscape contractor offered you a free plan? Even when someone tells you their plan is free, the time and expense spent to prepare the design is most certainly built into the total project cost—nothing worthwhile is free. And since that free plan is not competitively bid by other contractors, you have no way of knowing what a truly competitive market price would be for the cost of that installation. As a result, you will substantially overpay for the installation, in exchange for a poorly designed free plan.

Are Landscape Designers too expensive?

We feel it is far less expensive to hire a Landscape Designer in the first place, to design any landscape simply because: Competitive bidding of a landscape plan will often result in savings in excess of the design and supervision fees. And since we know who the best landscape contractors are and who offers the best prices, the contractors we use often start out 10-20% less than other landscape contractors. And when they know we are involved with the supervision and coordination of a project, their pricing is generally even more competitive, since they know the job will run smoothly. We feel this discount pays for our services alone.

Why hire a Design Professional?

Value Added Service

Design Services

  1. Program Development
  2. Site Inventory and Analysis
  3. Schematic Design
  4. Design Development
  5. Construction Documents
  6. Project Estimating / Bidding
  7. Project Management and Contract Administration